As the size of an SUV seems to grow larger, it seems like garages are getting smaller. This is especially true when it comes to older homes. Even brand new homes with a two car garage seem to just barely fit the two cars. For anyone in this dilemma, the logical question would be, "How do I expand my garage so that I can get my enormous SUV inside?"

There are a number of different options and specific considerations when it comes to doing any work in the garage. The first thing to do would be to see if space can be more efficiently organized. In the garage, there may be cabinets and toys and bicycles and yard equipment that is in no particular order. By simply organizing these things, one may find that there is a lot more space for the vehicles. Many things can be attached on the wall and possibly hung to the ceiling to make more room. There are even companies that specialize in garage organization systems.

Once the organization is done, nature stone’s garage floor finishes can be added for an attractive look and great protection. There are many different textures and colors to choose from, so there is sure to be the perfect one for the garage. This may not help to expand the overall floor plan of the garage, but it will definitely give a finished and great look to the space.

If the building does indeed need to be expanded, it is always best to consult a reputable contractor. He will be able to look at the space and make realistic recommendations. Depending on the garage, there may be needs to change the layout of the roof, and a footing will have to be put in.

Before adding anything to the garage, it is essential to check with local municipalities in regards to building codes and permits. There may also be the need to have plans and the work inspected by a local inspector. It is always best to follow the local guidelines, otherwise there can be costly fines assessed. 

Depending on the scope of work, a homeowner should be able to do a good deal of the construction. If there ever is any doubt about ability, it is always best to seek out a professional. In no time at all, the garage will be larger and that super-sized SUV will fit in with no problems.

Los Angeles Building Codes Amendments
The first thing to do is to find out what local city ordinances say about watering your lawn and garden. Some areas restrict watering to certain times per week, times of day, and days of the week. Failure to observe these ordinances can lead to hefty fines. Once you have that information, it's possible to adapt the restrictions to an efficient watering method and schedule. This will involve using whatever you have on hand, be it a sprinklers system or a garden hose to best water. 

Here are a few basic tips:

1) Do not over-water

Not only is this poor use of a valuable resource, it can get you fined by the city. It's also bad for your lawn and garden. Over-watering encourages the growth of fungus. Some grass and other plant varieties need more water than others. You will need to take into account season, high and low temperatures, humidity, and other factors that can impact the need to water. Be sure to watch for run-off, as some types of plants absorb water more slowly.

2) Don't under-water

Dead lawns and plants are very costly indeed. Flower and other plant indicators for watering are obvious. A good indicator for grass can be found in your lawn. Dry grass keeps an impression longer. If a good portion of your grass still shows your footprints when you walk across it, you probably need to water. Additionally, the water will need to penetrate at least eight inches of grass on most lawns. 

3) Don't water what doesn't grow.

The amount of water that is wasted is a big part of the inefficiency of watering gardens and lawns. It raises your water bill, it does your plants no good at all, and it places you in jeopardy with the city. You should make certain your sprinkler heads are directed toward the living things. You should also make certain your Roboreel cord reel unwinds all the way to the flowerbeds and lawns and doesn't stop at the courtyard. 

4) The rain is your friend.

A good natural rain is the best remedy for an under-watered garden or lawn. You can also give nature a helping hand with rain collection barrels. 

Watering efficiently is only a matter of keeping up your watering system as well as knowing the grass and plants in your lawn and garden. After that, it's really very easy. 
If your garage looks anything like mine has in the past, you understand just how hard it can be to locate things you need. With my garage having been used more for storage than to actually park a vehicle inside, there were items scattered everywhere. If I needed a particular tool, a roboreel extension cord or to locate a particular item for my wife, it was difficult to wade through all of the boxes and containers filled to the top. However, after having purchased our first new vehicle, we decided it would be best to store it in the garage in order to keep it looking new for as long as possible.

The first things we decided to clean up and organize were all of the random items that had been thrown into the garage over time. Old, unused toys and clothes that no longer fit our five year old son were strewn about, hanging out of cardboard boxes and resting on plastic storage bins that were full themselves. We were amazed at how much space was cleared up through the use of a few wall-mounted racks. Placing all of the toys and clothes into their own storage bins and placing them on the wall provided us with a massive amount of floor space that had long been lost.

The next item on the to-do list was to round up all of my tools and store them in a manner that would allow me to quickly and easily find what I needed. This lot of tools included general use items, such as screwdrivers and ratchets, as well as larger items. We decided it would be best to use a racking system for tool storage. With all of my tools hanging neatly organized on the walls, it became very easy to find anything I needed. We also made use of labels so that my wife could retrieve any tools I may need while trying to fix anything around the house.

Finally, with all of the clutter arranged in marked storage bins and hanging on the walls or resting on the racks, our garage looked like new again. We were able to easily fit our new vehicle into the garage with ample room left over to move some cleaning appliances into the garage. We were completely surprised at how much more room we had inside of the house after cleaning up the clutter and organizing the garage.


Home improvement TV shows are taking over certain networks because they offer great advice in a fun, relaxed manner. One of the major projects these professionals talk about and demonstrate is how to use a nature stone floor care. By using their advice, you can save not only money but also time because of the additional tips they offer. Isn't this much better than trying to figure it out on your own by reading the back of the packaging? 

Usually, when the home improvement TV shows use certain products, they either give them credit at the end of the program or list that item and the store that sells it on their website. This makes it very easy for their audience to purchase a kit just like they saw on the show. If they really liked the results, they can recreate them in their own home. However, if they were able to get inspiration for a different design, this will help them find out where to shop. 

Another great benefit of watching these shows is that the professionals run into problems just like everyone else. However, if they also solve that problem on the program, you'll be ahead of the game already. Who knows? When you know what to expect as far as what usually goes wrong, you may be able to prevent it in the first place. While watching, take notes of certain things that you need to buy along with your kit. After shopping, you can either come home and get right to work or set up a project day with a team of family members and friends. 

It may seem like a waste of time sitting around watching home improvement TV shows, but this is far from the case. Before they begin any project around their home, they should find out what's involved, what's required and how much time it will take. If they were using books from the library, it would take the same amount of time. The fact that they do this research on the television is no different. However, they do have the additional benefit of being able to use the websites as reference resources as well. The television program is only so long and they may not be able to share everything during that time. Check out these tips for your natural stone floor repair kit and have fun with the project!


A man cave is a fortress of solitude that provides space for his creativity and an outlet for stress. It’s well known in marriages that a place for alone time is necessary for a successful relationship. Here are a few reasons why men need their basements.

They Need Stress Relief

Men get stress relief by shutting out the world and relaxing a bit. While women like to chat with their friends and stir up drama, men prefer avoidance. It works well, too, because few things are more relaxing than a beer and the game.

A Place To Hang With Buddies

There’s a good chance that a woman wouldn’t approve of her clean kitchen getting grimy by men tracking in dirt or cooking messy meals. A living room used as a hangout interrupts the entire family. A basement simply makes sense. It’s away from the rest of the house, it can get dirtied-up and it’s spacious enough for foosball tables and a big-screen tv. No more worrying about complaints of a dirty kitchen or soiled cream-colored couch.

Men Want You To Have Privacy Too

Everyone needs privacy. A man cave gives men the opportunity to let their partners do their own thing. It’s great for everyone in the household. Quiet time in separate rooms is therapeutic. It’s really quite considerate of them.

It Can Be Decorated However They Please

If a man wants stone flooring in his man cave, then he can have it. A woman’s decorating touch is not necessary in his basement, which allows him to work out some of his own wants for his own space. The set up doesn’t have to be feminine or family orientated. It can be whatever he wants.

It Can Be A Shrine Room

Basements are spacious, and a great place for merchandise shrines. Whether he is a football memorabilia collector or a vintage arcade game fan, there is plenty of space to place those collectibles without interfering with the rest of the house. This is perfect for everyone.


It may sound strange, but a man cave provides a lot of comfort. He can sleep there, eat there and play there. If there’s a problem, it can be worked out in the fortress. A basement may even be a health necessity. It will improve everyone’s sanity, guaranteed. A man cave is about more than a place to watch the game; it’s a place where he can be himself.