A man cave is a fortress of solitude that provides space for his creativity and an outlet for stress. It’s well known in marriages that a place for alone time is necessary for a successful relationship. Here are a few reasons why men need their basements.

They Need Stress Relief

Men get stress relief by shutting out the world and relaxing a bit. While women like to chat with their friends and stir up drama, men prefer avoidance. It works well, too, because few things are more relaxing than a beer and the game.

A Place To Hang With Buddies

There’s a good chance that a woman wouldn’t approve of her clean kitchen getting grimy by men tracking in dirt or cooking messy meals. A living room used as a hangout interrupts the entire family. A basement simply makes sense. It’s away from the rest of the house, it can get dirtied-up and it’s spacious enough for foosball tables and a big-screen tv. No more worrying about complaints of a dirty kitchen or soiled cream-colored couch.

Men Want You To Have Privacy Too

Everyone needs privacy. A man cave gives men the opportunity to let their partners do their own thing. It’s great for everyone in the household. Quiet time in separate rooms is therapeutic. It’s really quite considerate of them.

It Can Be Decorated However They Please

If a man wants stone flooring in his man cave, then he can have it. A woman’s decorating touch is not necessary in his basement, which allows him to work out some of his own wants for his own space. The set up doesn’t have to be feminine or family orientated. It can be whatever he wants.

It Can Be A Shrine Room

Basements are spacious, and a great place for merchandise shrines. Whether he is a football memorabilia collector or a vintage arcade game fan, there is plenty of space to place those collectibles without interfering with the rest of the house. This is perfect for everyone.


It may sound strange, but a man cave provides a lot of comfort. He can sleep there, eat there and play there. If there’s a problem, it can be worked out in the fortress. A basement may even be a health necessity. It will improve everyone’s sanity, guaranteed. A man cave is about more than a place to watch the game; it’s a place where he can be himself.

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