If your garage looks anything like mine has in the past, you understand just how hard it can be to locate things you need. With my garage having been used more for storage than to actually park a vehicle inside, there were items scattered everywhere. If I needed a particular tool, a roboreel extension cord or to locate a particular item for my wife, it was difficult to wade through all of the boxes and containers filled to the top. However, after having purchased our first new vehicle, we decided it would be best to store it in the garage in order to keep it looking new for as long as possible.

The first things we decided to clean up and organize were all of the random items that had been thrown into the garage over time. Old, unused toys and clothes that no longer fit our five year old son were strewn about, hanging out of cardboard boxes and resting on plastic storage bins that were full themselves. We were amazed at how much space was cleared up through the use of a few wall-mounted racks. Placing all of the toys and clothes into their own storage bins and placing them on the wall provided us with a massive amount of floor space that had long been lost.

The next item on the to-do list was to round up all of my tools and store them in a manner that would allow me to quickly and easily find what I needed. This lot of tools included general use items, such as screwdrivers and ratchets, as well as larger items. We decided it would be best to use a racking system for tool storage. With all of my tools hanging neatly organized on the walls, it became very easy to find anything I needed. We also made use of labels so that my wife could retrieve any tools I may need while trying to fix anything around the house.

Finally, with all of the clutter arranged in marked storage bins and hanging on the walls or resting on the racks, our garage looked like new again. We were able to easily fit our new vehicle into the garage with ample room left over to move some cleaning appliances into the garage. We were completely surprised at how much more room we had inside of the house after cleaning up the clutter and organizing the garage.

7/18/2012 03:54:54

No garage could be as convenient as an uncluttered garage. Locating items would be easier if your garage is organized. It wouldn't take long for you to find a toolbox or a particular item for your wife. :) Anyway, I'm glad your garage is all cleaned up!


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