The first thing to do is to find out what local city ordinances say about watering your lawn and garden. Some areas restrict watering to certain times per week, times of day, and days of the week. Failure to observe these ordinances can lead to hefty fines. Once you have that information, it's possible to adapt the restrictions to an efficient watering method and schedule. This will involve using whatever you have on hand, be it a sprinklers system or a garden hose to best water. 

Here are a few basic tips:

1) Do not over-water

Not only is this poor use of a valuable resource, it can get you fined by the city. It's also bad for your lawn and garden. Over-watering encourages the growth of fungus. Some grass and other plant varieties need more water than others. You will need to take into account season, high and low temperatures, humidity, and other factors that can impact the need to water. Be sure to watch for run-off, as some types of plants absorb water more slowly.

2) Don't under-water

Dead lawns and plants are very costly indeed. Flower and other plant indicators for watering are obvious. A good indicator for grass can be found in your lawn. Dry grass keeps an impression longer. If a good portion of your grass still shows your footprints when you walk across it, you probably need to water. Additionally, the water will need to penetrate at least eight inches of grass on most lawns. 

3) Don't water what doesn't grow.

The amount of water that is wasted is a big part of the inefficiency of watering gardens and lawns. It raises your water bill, it does your plants no good at all, and it places you in jeopardy with the city. You should make certain your sprinkler heads are directed toward the living things. You should also make certain your Roboreel cord reel unwinds all the way to the flowerbeds and lawns and doesn't stop at the courtyard. 

4) The rain is your friend.

A good natural rain is the best remedy for an under-watered garden or lawn. You can also give nature a helping hand with rain collection barrels. 

Watering efficiently is only a matter of keeping up your watering system as well as knowing the grass and plants in your lawn and garden. After that, it's really very easy. 

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